Still using Antibacterial soap? Think again...

By now most of us know that not all bacteria is bad. In fact, most bacteria is "good" bacteria and it is necessary for your health. The good bacteria help to digest your food and they help keep the bad bacteria from taking over and making you sick. You may have even taken probiotics to help maintain a healthy gut. (If you aren't taking them, definitely consider it!) However, I bet you might not know that it is beneficial to use probiotic soap for the health of your body, the cleanliness of your home and even for care of your pets! I first heard about the powers of probiotic soap while at the Microbe Museum in Amsterdam last December. It was a fascinating museum and got me thinking a lot more about the tiny little creatures that inhabit the world along with us that we never see. (A microbe is an organism too small to see with the naked eye). Near the end of the exhibit there was a video about the dangers of antibacterial soap.

Here are my takeaways: 1) You should NOT use antibacterial soap. As stated on most packages antibacterial soap does kill about 99.9% of germs, but it kills the germs that are the least aggressive and least harmful. The .1% it leaves behind are the most dangerous. Once the less harmful ones have been destroyed by the soap the more dangerous ones multiply in their place leaving you with only extra bad bacteria and the removal of all good bacteria. 2) Instead of using antibiotic soap, it is recommended to use probiotic soap. The good bacteria from the probiotic soap will then crowd out the bad bacteria, leaving only good bacteria behind. Great, where can I get my probiotic soap? It appears that the US has not caught on to this yet, so buying probiotic soap in stores is a challenge at best, but there a company online that I use that sells multiple probiotic soaps called Probiotic Power. They're great!

Probiotic Power

Bottom Line: Whether you choose to get probiotic soap or not, I highly recommend discontinuing the use of antibacterial soap. Besides the creation of more bad bacterial, there are other major concerns about the safety of antibacterial soap including antibiotic resistance, danger to the environment and a disruption in the endocrine system. Remember that whatever you decide, (using probiotic soap or regular soap and water), make sure to use hot water and wash for at least 30 seconds. Make sure the soap you choose is as natural and safe for the environment as possible. Keep in mind that we are not separate from the environment. Any choice you make for the environment is also a choice for your health.

To your healthy Bacteria!