Ready to Kick-Start Your Health? (early bird special ends tomorrow!)

10-day cleanse

Sometimes during transitions our eating can become a bit scattered and perhaps not as healthy as we would like it to be. How are you doing with your eating lately? I know that was the case for me this winter. Publishing my book, prepping to move to Sarasota, then moving and settling in turned my diet upside down. And as a sensitive soul with very sensitive digestion, I need to be really careful about how I eat. So this February, once I was a little more settled, I started in on my gentle whole-foods cleanse and I haven't looked back. I feel SO MUCH stronger, more energetic, happier and more positive, not to mention having regained healthy digestion and gotten rid of the embarrassing bloating that had 4 different men ask me if I was pregnant. (Don't ask a woman if she is pregnant!!) Now that I am feeling so much better I am excited to share my 10-day cleanse with you again this summer! The cleanse will be all online from July 14th - July 23rd. I will guide you how to take care of yourself through eating healing whole foods, relaxing while you eat and slowing down your busy life. You'll get a PDF manual, recipe book and audio lecture as well as some special bonus material. We'll have a dedicated cleanse facebook group where we will connect and support each other. Even more awesome is that once you have joined the cleanse, you will have joined for life and any future online 10-day cleanses will then be free for you to participate in! (This stands for all of those who completed my in-person cleanses in Boston or online cleanses in the past.) My early bird special ends tomorrow - just $99 instead of $150. Don't miss out!

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Please share with your friends! Don't hesitate to email me at if have any questions or if you have participated before and would like to sign up again now.

Cheers to your health!