4-Essential Steps to Find Strength in Your Sensitivity

As a Highly Sensitive Person, you relate to the world differently than your non-sensitive counterparts. You experience deeper feelings, notice more subtleties in the environment and need extra time to rest and rejuvenate. You are also likely more contemplative and introspective, finding yourself taking life more to heart than others seem to. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being sensitive but our culture does not value these traits, so you may tend to feel there is something intrinsically wrong with you. When you live life thinking you are flawed and that being yourself is wrong, empowerment and strength are always out of reach.

The good news is there are many ways to create a more empowering relationship to your sensitivity and it is my mission to guide sensitive souls to do just that.

4-Essential Steps to Find Strength in Your Sensitivity

1) Learn About the Trait – There are many important aspects to learn about the trait of high sensitivity so you can better understand yourself and how to relate to your sensitive body, heart and mind. Self-understanding is essential to growth.

2) Re-Frame Your Sensitivity – Feeling your sensitivity is a flaw inhibits your life tremendously. Seeing your sensitivity in a more positive light is critical to creating an empowered future. This can also help you look at your sensitive past from a new, more empathetic perspective.

3) Embrace Self-Compassion – Self-criticism and self-blame are totally counterproductive to empowerment. Self-compassion creates a more nurturing and supportive relationship with yourself which is necessary in feeling strong and resilient.

4) Develop a Deeper Connection to Your Body – Learning to be embodied, self-soothe and give your nervous system what it needs without judgement creates the safety and support that is critical to the sensitive system. As you learn to listen to and nurture your body’s subtle cues, you can create rituals and routines that allow you to have more energy available for your life and to be more comfortable and confident out in the world.

These are key first steps in creating a more empowering future, but they do take time, practice and dedication. Having support, guidance and encouragement along the way can make all the difference.

Empowered Sensitivity Program Announcement!

I am pleased to officially announce that I will be guiding sensitive souls through these exact steps (and more!) in my upcoming 8-week program: Empowered Sensitivity. We will meet once a week over Zoom on Sundays at 4pm starting 10/18 and ending on 12/6. In addition to the weekly lessons, there will be weekly guided meditations, journaling exercises and 4 yoga/self-care classes, as well as a private Facebook community. All content will be recorded and downloadable, so you can go at the pace your sensitive body feels most comfortable with.

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