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Introducing Yoga for the Sensitive Soul - Livestream and On-Demand Classes

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Greetings, I am excited to announce I will be offering more yoga classes specifically geared toward highly sensitive people. (If you enjoyed my classes in the past but don’t consider yourself sensitive you will absolutely still benefit.)

My intention for Yoga for the Sensitive Soul is to provide accessible, heart centered classes that help you release stress, stretch and strengthen your body, and embrace who you are as a highly sensitive person. With this approach I add depth to my yoga classes by weaving in topics relevant to HSPs, such as releasing perfectionism, self-compassion and stress reduction while providing a supportive environment to help HSP's prioritize their wellness.

I have a brand new platform that I will use for livestream classes as well as a library of on-demand classes of various types and length coming soon! I will keep you posted as I develop more, for now join me for my upcoming livestream classes!

Upcoming Classes: Gentle - Wednesday, March 2nd at 11am EST Flow - Wednesday, March 9th at 11am EST More to come!

Reach out if you have any requests and stay tuned as I build out my offerings and library.

With Love & Sensitivity,



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