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Winner of the 2017
Heart and Soul Book Awards
for Self-Help!

Empowering The Sensitive Soul

"This book is such a gift! I just loved this book and could not put it down! Rosen shares pragmatic advice and timeless wisdom to nurture and celebrate one’s sensitive soul. Not only did I find this helpful on a personal level as a sensitive soul but it gave me new insights and compassion for those close to me who are also clearly sensitive souls. I want to buy this book in bulk and share it with everyone I know!" - A.W.

"Christie Rosen’s book explores the different ways you can center yourself: by what you consume, mindfulness, and through your relationship with others and the world around you. This book is a practical guide for for anyone who feels out of balance or wants to bring more kindness and gentleness to your body, mind and soul. By creating a clear and easy personalized plan you can begin immediately, Christie’s suggestions and exercises are great way to ground yourself and actively treat yourself better. Christie’s clear and concise directions, and gentle approach will motivate you to treat yourself with kindness and self care." - C.C.

"Empowering the Sensitive Soul is a unique look at how to revamp your life physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Christie Rosen does an amazing job of connecting with the reader by giving honest and simple advice.  She provides personal anecdotes along with concrete research in order to empower readers to make changes in their lives.  Some of the recommendations she makes are so simple that you will be eager to put them into practice right away, while others require more thoughtful work. You will immediately connect with her message regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a “sensitive soul.”  It is a fast read, but one that I plan on referencing often in my quest to lead a more fulfilling life." -H.S.

"Christie poignantly captures the essence of the sensitive soul and offers an inspiring and compassionate perspective on how these souls inhabit our world and are simultaneously nurtured and challenged by it. She takes the reader on a graceful and often deeply personal journey through body, mind and spirit, offering daily affirmations and positive practices to help all of us - sensitive souls and lovers of sensitive souls alike- cultivate self-awareness, self-love and compassion." - M.O.

"So powerful! This is a must read for anyone looking to better understand and control their emotions. Whether you are a sensitive soul or simply someone with strong emotions who wants to better yourself and improve your mental and physical well-being, you will absolutely love this book. Christie combines her personal experiences as a sensitive soul with her passion for health and well-being to eloquently piece together a book that will undoubtedly resonate with sensitive souls and introverts alike. Along with her huge heart and desire to help others, Christie is a fabulous writer. Empowering the Sensitive Soul repeatedly invoked such strong emotions that I often felt like Christie was speaking directly to me. Each chapter left me feeling both impressed with her knowledge and ability to communicate and fascinated as to how she got into my head and understood my problems without me having told her a thing. This is a great read written by a beautiful mind." - B.O.

“The biggest take-away for me was that nobody needs to feel imprisoned by their sensitivities. Using the principles outlined in the book, readers will develop strategies to help affirm a more positive and powerful existence. They will learn to embrace their sensitivity and be uplifted by it. Sensitive or not, this book is a great reminder of how to live well and fully enjoy the gifts of life. As an acupuncturist, I know it will be a useful resource for my clients.” – J.B.

"Empowering the Sensitive Soul offers empowerment for sensitives that starts from within—first accepting the positives of being sensitive, then learning to respect your own needs as a sensitive soul. Rosen offers practical strategies for taking care of our sensitive selves in body, heart, and mind in a gentle, accepting, and compassionate way—exactly how a sensitive soul wants to be treated. Her conversational tone, personal stories, and professional anecdotes empower by example. While reading this book, I felt like I’d truly found a supportive soul-community for my own sensitive soul and felt less alone. A must-read for sensitive souls who are looking for self-acceptance and a holistic lifestyle approach to self-care. Highly recommended." - S.S.

"This is a wonderful book for everyone especially at this difficult and trying time for our country and world. Christie's positive attitude and caring thoughts are an inspiration for all of us. Reading this book is one way for me to self-care for myself. If I just take time to read from this book before going to bed, it makes it easier for me to sleep. As Christie says, peace, like a ripple in a pond, has the ability to spread exponentially." - M.C.

"Such a beautiful book with serious words of wisdom. I am definitely a sensitive soul and got a lot of great inspiration and ideas in how to use this as a gift and to create healthy boundaries. Well written and I'd recommend to anyone, especially those in the healing, coaching and mentoring space." J.R.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Christie at an event this summer. We spoke about the importance of eating well as well as incorporating yoga into one's life. I purchased the book immediately and found Empowering the Sensitive Soul wonderfully transformative. I highly recommend this book for any guy who has a sensitive partner or who is sensitive himself. A must read!" - A.C.

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