Yoga with Christie

Public Class Schedule

I offer virtual group pop up yoga classes. Check back periodically, or sign up for my email list to be the first to know about upcoming classes! 

I am not currently offering any in-person classes.

Private Virtual Yoga Pricing


1-Hour Private (or couples) Virtual Yoga - $95

1-Hour Private Group (3 or more) Virtual Yoga - $125

My Training

I fell in love with yoga in college while volunteering and living at

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in the Berkshires in 2007.


In 2008, I trained on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica at the Nosara Yoga

Institute with Don and Amba Stapleton. I have also been strongly

influenced by master teachers Barbara Benagh, Kate Greer, Simon Park

and Judith Hanson Lasater and I have trained in Prenatal Yoga, Relax and

Renew Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Kids Yoga, Prana Flow and JourneyDance. 

My classes will encourage you to listen to your body, move with intention

and enjoy being yourself in the moment. I empower my students to

continue the blissful art of relaxation and yogic living at home through

mindfulness, meditation, asana, rest and clean eating.

I am an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT, YACEP)

with the Yoga Alliance. I offer private and group sessions

via Zoom. Contact me for more information or to schedule a session.


Yoga Praise

"Christie was the first instructor I ever had who really taught me how to do yoga properly in a way that would let me fully experience its many benefits.  Her exercises are mentally soothing as well as being physically invigorating.  I come away from her classes knowing that I’ve had a thorough workout yet I never feel tortured or stressed.  She intersperses new postures with old so her classes never get tedious or boring.  She gives each of her students personal attention, varying postures and exercises based on individual flexibility and skill levels.


Christie has a thorough knowledge of yoga and its underlying physiology.  She is a wonderfully talented and extremely personable young woman.  She has a people-oriented teaching style coupled with a relaxing demeanor and calming personality.

Thanks to Christie, my overall physical condition has improved dramatically.  Since starting her classes I bend lower, stretch further, balance better, and stand taller.


Christie’s yoga class has become the focal point of my weekly exercise routine.  I will do anything to avoid missing it.  I cannot praise Christie highly enough."


Gary K. Wolf - Creator of Roger Rabbit

"As an out-of-tower, I was fortunate to find Christie's class.  From that class, I came away impressed with Christie as a person and yoga teacher.  I have taken more of Christie's classes on subsequent visits, to Boston.

Christie really connects with people.  She is friendly, welcoming and has positive energy.  I appreciate how she introduces herself, before class, and gets to know the students.  After class, Christie makes herself available to answer any questions or just chat. 

From beginning to end, Christie makes the overall yoga experience fun.  As a teacher, Christie is very knowledgeable about yoga and gets students into poses in a safe way with great instruction.  Christie is open to taking requests so each class is different.  Whether your practice is beginner/intermediate/advanced level, she can create a class that will satisfy all.  Her classes flow so well and she has a great play list too.  Also, I've picked up many 'new-to-me' poses/moves which I suggested to my teachers back home...Boston area Yogis, treat yourself to a class with Christie!" 

Aytin Atchu, IT Professional

"Christie is a wonderful teacher who always has a very thoroughly prepared, fun class. Her ability to choreograph a class that seamlessly takes you from a meditative warm-up through a physically challenging workout is inspiring and has led her to develop a serious following at the studio where I attend her class. She also effortlessly leads students into new poses and always provides several variations that cater to the wildly differing levels of skill and experience in the class. She is also kind, caring, cheerful and sensitive. A fantastic instructor!" 

Carla Barrett, JD, Supervising Attorney with the MA Public Defenders Office

"Christie is amazing! Christie Rosen's yoga classes are my all-time favorite classes to attend. They are relaxing and challenging at the same time and provide a wonderful reset for both my body and mind. Christie's easy to follow cues and gentle adjustments make her classes flow easily and organically. When she offers challenging poses, she always offers alternatives and encourages her students to do what feels right in the moment. Sometimes a longer shavasana is more beneficial than wheel pose and by choosing what I feel is right for me that day, I always walk away from Christie's classes feeling relaxed and refreshed. Christie is amazing and I highly recommend her yoga classes!" 

Nora Dragovic, Ph.D. Geologist

"Christie is warm and lovely with a wonderful manner, and was easily able to accommodate our two very different skill and ability levels, and somehow managed to keep us focused and on task (we lean to chatty, this niece and I). Christie’s home studio was equipped with blocks, bands and blankets to help with proper positioning, and I did so appreciate the care she takes to make sure each pose is thoughtfully and properly executed. Christie is an incredible instructor – kind, patient, caring and knowledgeable. What a great and gentle reintroduction to an activity I love and will definitely continue."

Nancy Brown, Freelance Writer

I've tried many different classes and instructors and I can say without a doubt that I have taken more from Christie's classes than any other that I have been to. She really is best yoga instructor I've ever had. Especially when I was going through a difficult time personally, Christie's classes always uplifted me by restoring my feelings of peace, strength, and faith in my own power. She is incredibly intuitive and in touch with the needs of the students in her classes, which in my mind is the mark of an outstanding yoga instructor. I loved everything about her classes, down to the music, and looked forward to them every week!" 

Caroline Bader, M.D.