Embrace Your Sensitivity
FREE 5-Day Series


Using lessons from my award-winning book, Empowering the Sensitive Soul, this self-paced 5 day email series will help you create more balance, ease and strength. You will get a message to your inbox each day with what to focus on that day to help you step into your sensitive power and you will come away with greater self-awareness, increased self-care and ideas to create a more empowered future. (Watch out for a special bonus on day 5!) 

Embrace Your Sensitivity Series Overview:

Day 1 - Slowing down and relaxing into life

Day 2 - Ways to find balance 

Day 3 - Cultivating self-love

Day 4 - Trusting yourself 

Day 5 - Letting go of limiting beliefs and special bonus!

Each day you will get an email from me with the lesson for the day, as well as some intentions for the day and a goal to set. I suggest you take 10 mins in the morning to review the daily lesson and set aside 10 minutes in the evening to revisit it. You will also want to periodically bring your awareness back to the daily lesson during the day. It's as simple as that!