Class Descriptions 

Gentle Yoga


Soothe your sensitive nervous system with a gentle and calming practice for the mind & body. This class focuses on postures close to the ground and ends with an extended relaxation. This is a great class if you are low energy or want to rest. 

Restorative Yoga


Rest and rejuvenate with extremely comfortable, long held postures supported by yoga props. There are no active poses in this class. Access to a bolster, blocks and blanket will be very beneficial to get the most out of this kind of deeply nourishing practice.

Slow Flow Yoga


Enjoy a slow flow practice in my signature style, designed to help move energy, release stress and find peace in the present moment. While this is a more active practice than gentle yoga, you will always be encouraged to go at your own pace. 

Quick Stress Relief


Take a break for your busy life with these simple and quick stress relief practices. Techniques include breathing exercises, guided meditations, short yoga sequences, self-massage and more. Let go of stress in 15 minutes or less. Only available with membership.                         COMING SOON!

On-Demand Classes