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Events with Christie 


Self-Care Saturday - Reduce Stress, Embrace Mindfulness,

& Create Healthy Habits for a More Balanced Future


Saturday, June 20th, 2020


Via The Yoga Sanctuary


During these challenging times, we need to prioritize our self-care more than ever to help us stay strong and healthy in the face of an uncertain future. Join Christie Rosen, TYS yoga teacher, wellness coach and author of "Empowering the Sensitive Soul,” as she guides you through a yoga and mindfulness practice that will help you soothe your nervous system, come home to your body and find peace in the present moment. Christie will also share her favorite tips for leading a healthy, balanced life, and will help you build more self-care into your daily routine.

All levels and abilities are welcome.

This workshop will be recorded for participants to review and practice afterwards.

Cost is $30.

Past Events


10 Techniques to Calm the Nervous System & Relieve Stress: 

An ONLINE Workshop with Christie Rosen


Sunday May 3rd, 2020


Via The Yoga Sanctuary

Do you feel stressed, anxious, weighed down, or like you can’t catch your breath? Do you find yourself having trouble coping with all that is going on in the world? Are you ready to learn how to come home to your body and find a sense of relaxation and peace? If you answered “Yes" to any of these questions, this ONLINE workshop is for you!

Join Christie Rosen, TYS yoga teacher, wellness coach and author of "Empowering the Sensitive Soul”, as she guides you through her personal favorite practices to help balance the nervous system, reduce stress and create ease in the body and mind. She will offer 10 different techniques so you have a full tool belt to practice with on your own, including specific exercises in yoga, meditation, breath work, qi gong & more. Each specific technique was carefully chosen by Christie for its particular ability to bring about powerful positive change in the nervous system.

This workshop is designed for all levels and abilities. Please have access to a wall, couch or a chair.

Special pricing: $26

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