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Success Stories

Hear first hand from my clients about their experience working with me! 

Wellness Coaching

Health Coach Boston

"Choosing to work with Christie Rosen has been the best decision I have ever made for my body, my mind and my spirit.   Overweight for most of my adult life and constantly trying to cut calories and force myself to exercise, I thought I had the answers and just needed to find the motivation and commitment to force myself to “stick to it.” Once I began my six month session with Christie, she helped me realize that I had not been feeding my body healthfully, nor supporting it physically and spiritually.  In her supportive and gentle way, she began teaching me new ways of nourishing my body by choosing nutrient-rich whole foods and by listening to what my body needs.  She empowered me to make these choices for myself and never once left me feeling that I had to give up certain foods or deny myself- it’s this self made commitment that she fostered and that will stay with me for a lifetime. She helped me see exercise as so much more than forcing myself to “go to the gym” (an enterprise I never enjoyed) and to treat it as something fun for my body and mind to do.   I began running (so very slowly at first), doing yoga, and rock climbing and saw that these physical activities not only challenged my body but brought joy and a sense of control and mastery to my life.   They also helped me achieve one of my original goals: weight loss.  For the first time, my energy was spent not on counting every calorie and logging every minute on the treadmill but on making sound food choices and giving my body the physical challenges it needed and wanted.  The result is that I have lost 53 lbs and feel incredible!  Christie has truly helped me transform my life and I am so thankful for our invaluable time together.  Christie leads by example, encourages me to be by my best self, and has given me the tools and confidence to continue living this way going forward."

Meghan O'Malley - Lawyer and Owner of Shop|Chop|Create

"To put it simply, Christie Rosen has changed my life! As my yoga teacher and health coach, she has completely changed the way I view my body and my world. In a nonjudgmental and loving environment, I have been able to identify the obstacles getting in the way of my optimal health. She has helped me see how bad sugar makes me feel. How it can cause anxiety and headaches. This level of awareness has helped me change my habits in a way that doesn't feel like a diet. I also look forward to Christie's yoga classes each week. The flows she creates are fun and playful and I always leave feeling a little more at peace. Her wisdom and insights of the practice are bountiful and as a student and fellow teacher, I have deepened my understanding and love of yoga."

Amie Lytle - Actress and Yoga Instructor 

"All my life I have had a problem with body weight and self image. I routinely ate too much of the wrong foods. I was unable to get a firm handle on what I could do to stop my lifelong spiral into obesity. Over the years my weight has gone steadily up. I’ve suffered from hypertension, colitis, high blood pressure, and the general fatigue that comes from carrying around 30-40 extra pounds. I knew I needed help. I turned to Health Coach and Mind/Body nutritionist Christie Rosen. Christie really knows what kinds of food make the human body run most efficiently. She put me on an organic diet that has worked wonders for me. I’m never hungry. I’ve lost a great deal of weight. I feel terrific. My blood pressure is super low. My colitis has vanished. I have all the pep in the world. Christie is an extremely pleasant and non-judgmental young woman, and very knowledgeable in her field. I would highly recommend Christie Rosen to anybody with a weight problem or to anybody who simply wants to get a handle of good nutrition. She has definitely turned my life around."

Gary K. Wolf - Creator of Roger Rabbit

"Working with Christie for a mere three months has revolutionized the way I think about eating and making healthy everyday choices.  She worked WITH me to make lasting and easy changes to my daily routine of when to eat, how much and what kind of variety and balance i should strive for to achieve a healthy diet.  She also provided the necessary support and motivation for me to reach my exercise goals.  For somebody like me who has a very busy schedule and an interest in changing my habits for the better, working with her was just what i needed to start a health program i can maintain indefinitely.  She is knowledgeable, personable and encouraging. She knows what works for one person may not work for somebody else and is committed to finding the right strategy for each individual to reach their goals.  I would recommend Christie to anybody interested in improving their health and happiness and gaining the skills to maintain that lifestyle. Even if you dont live in Boston (like myself)- I only communicated with her via telephone and email and I found it to be a very enjoyable experience.  the one on one attention you get from her is inspiring and informative, I looked forward to our bi-weekly conversations and was always excited to receive a new list of ideas, book recommendations or goals from her in my inbox.  I can't thank her enough for setting me on the right track and helping me attain my health goals."

Jennifer Tyson, Ph.D. Neuroscientist

""If you’re looking for someone to help you “follow your bliss”, Christie Rosen is that person. I worked directly with her as my health coach for three months and through her found the guidance and focus that I hadn’t been able to tap into elsewhere. Christie’s holistic assessment of my stress-issues, my eating and personal health habits, of the things I found inspirational (and less so) and of my overall environment clearly helped inform her suggestions to me. She helped me see my own shortfalls in a less negative, more compassionate way, all the while gently guiding me toward consistently making better choices in my eating, exercise, and general health habits. Christie is kind yet firm; she is not the kind of coach whose concern for you is limited to the hour of your meeting. Her check-ins and reminders kept me on track, while the tools she gave me (recipes, thoughtful sayings, books) helped to keep me focused. Finally, Christie’s genuine sincerity kept me “honest”: it was clear she sees the absolute best in everyone, and believes wholeheartedly that you are able to reach your goals. Even if you’re not ready to put faith in yourself, Christie will start by doing it for you. The physical changes I saw in my body and the mental changes in my attitude were a wonderful result of the time and effort we had put in together." 

Caitlin McAteer, Writing and Editing Professional

"Christie is wonderful! She truly takes the time to determine the obstacles that each individual faces when making healthy eating and lifestyle choices. Then, she figures out the path to overcome these obstacles. Working with her enabled me to overcome emotional eating and for that I am truly grateful. Working with Christie was truly inspiring. She is a very optimistically motivating person and is a real pleasure to work with. I feel like I can do anything after I meet with her!" 

Kristen Carlin, MPH

"Christie is patient and kind. She is eager to listen and has a gentle guiding way to help shift focus onto improving your life and away from self-doubt and criticism. My goals upon starting the six-month program were to cook more at home, eat healthier overall, eliminate sugar cravings and increase physical activity. Christie was able to help me attain these goals (and more!) by helping me to take it one step at a time as we built a strong and solid foundation. I now have improved energy levels and even have two new race PR’s! I would recommend Christie to anyone looking for guidance on how to create their best self, one that they truly honor and love. Christie has been an amazing support throughout this process and I don’t think that I would have made these dramatic life improvements without her! Thank you!"



Jen Mikoll, Physicians Assistant

"After working with Christie I lost 15 pounds! She is extremely kind, and she was a great motivational support when the weight wasn't coming off as quickly I was hoping for. She not only taught me how to lose weight but more importantly, how to be healthy and to choose the right healthy whole foods. I recommend Christie to anyone who wants to lose weight with a healthy diet."

Erica Cohen, Director of Sales, Weddingwire

Yoga Praise

"Christie was the first instructor I ever had who really taught me how to do yoga properly in a way that would let me fully experience its many benefits.  Her exercises are mentally soothing as well as being physically invigorating.  I come away from her classes knowing that I’ve had a thorough workout yet I never feel tortured or stressed.  She intersperses new postures with old so her classes never get tedious or boring.  She gives each of her students personal attention, varying postures and exercises based on individual flexibility and skill levels.


Christie has a thorough knowledge of yoga and its underlying physiology.  She is a wonderfully talented and extremely personable young woman.  She has a people-oriented teaching style coupled with a relaxing demeanor and calming personality.

Thanks to Christie, my overall physical condition has improved dramatically.  Since starting her classes I bend lower, stretch further, balance better, and stand taller.


Christie’s yoga class has become the focal point of my weekly exercise routine.  I will do anything to avoid missing it.  I cannot praise Christie highly enough."


Gary K. Wolf - Creator of Roger Rabbit

"As an out-of-tower, I was fortunate to find Christie's class.  From that class, I came away impressed with Christie as a person and yoga teacher.  I have taken more of Christie's classes on subsequent visits, to Boston.

Christie really connects with people.  She is friendly, welcoming and has positive energy.  I appreciate how she introduces herself, before class, and gets to know the students.  After class, Christie makes herself available to answer any questions or just chat. 

From beginning to end, Christie makes the overall yoga experience fun.  As a teacher, Christie is very knowledgeable about yoga and gets students into poses in a safe way with great instruction.  Christie is open to taking requests so each class is different.  Whether your practice is beginner/intermediate/advanced level, she can create a class that will satisfy all.  Her classes flow so well and she has a great play list too.  Also, I've picked up many 'new-to-me' poses/moves which I suggested to my teachers back home...Boston area Yogis, treat yourself to a class with Christie!" 

Aytin Atchu, IT Professional

"Christie is a wonderful teacher who always has a very thoroughly prepared, fun class. Her ability to choreograph a class that seamlessly takes you from a meditative warm-up through a physically challenging workout is inspiring and has led her to develop a serious following at the studio where I attend her class. She also effortlessly leads students into new poses and always provides several variations that cater to the wildly differing levels of skill and experience in the class. She is also kind, caring, cheerful and sensitive. A fantastic instructor!" 

Carla Barrett, JD, Supervising Attorney with the MA Public Defenders Office

"Christie is amazing! Christie Rosen's yoga classes are my all-time favorite classes to attend. They are relaxing and challenging at the same time and provide a wonderful reset for both my body and mind. Christie's easy to follow cues and gentle adjustments make her classes flow easily and organically. When she offers challenging poses, she always offers alternatives and encourages her students to do what feels right in the moment. Sometimes a longer shavasana is more beneficial than wheel pose and by choosing what I feel is right for me that day, I always walk away from Christie's classes feeling relaxed and refreshed. Christie is amazing and I highly recommend her yoga classes!" 

Nora Dragovic, Ph.D. Geologist

"Christie is warm and lovely with a wonderful manner, and was easily able to accommodate our two very different skill and ability levels, and somehow managed to keep us focused and on task (we lean to chatty, this niece and I). Christie’s home studio was equipped with blocks, bands and blankets to help with proper positioning, and I did so appreciate the care she takes to make sure each pose is thoughtfully and properly executed. Christie is an incredible instructor – kind, patient, caring and knowledgeable. What a great and gentle reintroduction to an activity I love and will definitely continue."

Nancy Brown, Freelance Writer

I've tried many different classes and instructors and I can say without a doubt that I have taken more from Christie's classes than any other that I have been to. She really is best yoga instructor I've ever had. Especially when I was going through a difficult time personally, Christie's classes always uplifted me by restoring my feelings of peace, strength, and faith in my own power. She is incredibly intuitive and in touch with the needs of the students in her classes, which in my mind is the mark of an outstanding yoga instructor. I loved everything about her classes, down to the music, and looked forward to them every week!" 

Caroline Bader, M.D.

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