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Yoga for Highly Sensitive People

Step into the Power of Your Sensitivity

Christie Rosen Yoga & Wellness
Hi, I'm Christie! My mission is to empower highly sensitive people so they can live a healthy, fulfilling life and share their sensitive gifts with the world.

         Sensitivity is a gift that holds immense power. Sensitive souls are heart centered, compassionate, intuitive, creative and wise. We are advisors, healers, teachers and visionaries by nature and are an integral part in helping create a better future for humanity. While there can be many challenges being sensitive in an often insensitive world, with the right education, tools and support, sensitive souls can create the balance needed to truly THRIVE in our sensitive skin, rather than feel held back by it.  Our sensitive strength is needed now more than ever and it is my greatest honor to guide sensitive souls on their journey of healing and empowerment! 

As a Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor, I leverage my unique gifts and sensitive nature to enable sensitive souls to step into the power of their sensitivity and embody their gifts.

Now is the time to embrace your sensitive gifts and love who you are!

Yoga for HSP'S


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  • Self-paced 8-lesson online program

  • Embrace self-compassion, balance your nervous system and cultivate sensitive strength

  • Videos lessons, meditations, yoga classes & a workbook

  • Bonus copy of my e-book

Empowered Sensitivity Program
Empowering the Sensitive Soul
  • Award Winning Self-Help Book

  • Simple wisdom to improve your health, cultivate self-acceptance and let go of what is holding you back. 

  • E-book (Kindle, E-Pub & PDF)

  • Print via Amazon

Have questions? Contact me!

With Love and Sensitivity,

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