Step into the Power

of Your Sensitivity

Hi, I'm Christie! I help sensitive souls embrace their sensitivity so they can bring more love, compassion, empathy and healing to our world. 

         Sensitivity is a gift that holds immense power. Sensitive souls are heart centered, compassionate, intuitive, creative and wise. We are advisors, healers, teachers and visionaries by nature and are an integral part in helping create a better future for humanity. While there can be many challenges being sensitive in an often insensitive world, with the right education, tools and support, sensitive souls can create the balance needed to truly THRIVE in our sensitive skin, rather than feel held back by it.  Our sensitive strength is needed now more than ever and it is my greatest honor to guide sensitive souls on their journey of healing and empowerment! I have lived this transformation myself and I can show you the way. 

As a Wellness and Empowerment Coach, I leverage my unique gifts and sensitive nature to enable individuals to step into the power of their sensitivity and embody their gifts.

Now is the time to embrace your sensitive gifts and love who you are!

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About Me 

As a highly sensitive person and empath, I know the struggles of the sensitive soul deeply. My nervous system did not learn how to properly regulate as an infant and for much of my life I did not feel safe in the world. My journey to empowered sensitivity required strength and courage I did not know I had within me. I went from feeling totally disempowered and thinking something was truly wrong with me, to standing in my power and sharing my healing gifts with the world. While the road wasn't easy, I know I was meant to go through these challenges because through the process of healing and empowering myself I have developed the unique gifts and perspective to guide others on their own healing journey. It is my mission to shine a positive light on sensitivity so that we can learn to see it for the true gift that it is and help heal our world. 

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My Training

Certified Mind Body Eating Coach

Institute for The Psychology of Eating, 2014

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 2010

Registered Yoga Teacher

Nosara Yoga Institute, 2008

BA in Psychology

Connecticut College, 2008

Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude




Winner of The Best Self-Help Book for the 2017 Heart and Soul Book Awards by Holl & Lane Magazine


Rated one of Boston's Top Fitness Instructors for 2016 by MoveWith


Rated one of Boston's Top 10 Culinary and Health Professionals in 2015 by Learnivore


Rated one of Boston's Top 10 Yoga Instructors for 2012 by Rate Your Burn


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With Love and Sensitivity,

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