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Gentle10-Day Cleanse

Next Group Cleanse: TBA
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Are you experiencing headaches, cravings, mood swings, or indigestion?


Are you feeling foggy, sluggish, fatigued, or weighed down?


Are you ready for a positive and impactful shift towards a more natural, healthy diet, but aren’t sure where to start?


Health Coach Boston

I invite you to join me for a gentle, effective, and totally doable 10-Day Cleanse!


This cleanse will reinvigorate you with fresh, whole foods, while giving your body a rest from foods that may be blocking your ability to feel clear and energized. We will be following a simple elimination diet that will not require anything extreme and you will not need to go out and buy any new appliances or products. This will be done in an online format, so you won’t even need to leave your house to learn how to plan and execute a successful and nourishing cleanse!


During your cleanse, you will discover how to eat in a way that nourishes your body and supports your immune system. We will focus not only on cleansing the body with healing foods, but also on reducing stress and other key practices for well-being.

During the cleanse you’ll receive:


  • A cleanse manual on how to prepare, plan and launch your cleanse

  • An audio lecture taking you page by page through the manual

  • A Cleanse Recipe Book pdf, meal inspiration and optional shopping lists

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook support group to connect with Christie as well as other participants

  • Email support from Christie through out the cleanse

  • Healthy living and self-care guidelines as well as bonus videos on meditation, gentle yoga and guided relaxation


"The cleanse felt like a vacation for my body. It was shocking how much better I felt. From sleeping, to digestion to overall energy, I felt like a different person. I even noticed a decrease in anxiety!"  


Amie Lytle



"I thought  the  cleanse  was  going  to be dreadful, turned  out to  be the  opposite! I’d say this was the best thing I did for myself all year!"  


Brad Carmen


Potential benefits of the cleanse include:


  • Increased energy

  • Clearer skin

  • Decreased bloating

  • Lifted mood

  • Improved digestion

  • Improved sleep

  • Sharper thinking

  • Weight loss

  • Reduction in headaches

  • Elimination of cravings

  • Decreased Anxiety

  • A new approach to life long healthy living


Healthy Salad

Cleanse Price:

Just $150 

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Change your life, one meal at a time!

The best part is that this cleanse will not only teach you how to eat healthy for 10 days, but will give you tools and insights that you can take with you for the rest of your life! I have personally benefited tremendously from eating a whole foods diet and I now live and breathe this lifestyle. Not long ago I suffered from ailments that I eventually traced back to foods and products that I was using every day that I thought were safe but were actually making me sick! After studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the Institute for the Psychology of eating and doing countless hours of personal research and investigation, I have made it my goal to help spread the word of just how much your food effects your health and wellbeing. I would love for you to join me on this journey! 


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Hippocrates


Praise for the

10-day Cleanse

"I signed up for the cleanse because I felt I was ‘out of control’ with how I was eating.  I needed something to kick start eating well for my body and mind.  I had no idea I would have the results that I had.  Almost immediately my digestive track improved.  I no longer felt bloating or pain.  I also felt good after eating.  My migraines reduced to more than half.  I had no idea that what I was eating was giving me migraines.  I have been suffering for years!  This was an amazing experience for me.  I continue on the cleanse even after the program has ended because it has given me such incredible wellness.  I feel great!"


Gabriella LaMonica, Boston, MA  


"This cleanse was a fantastic experience. Not only did I feel lighter and more energized, inspired in the kitchen, and overall healthier, I felt like the cleanse gave me important insights into my body and will help me to make better choices in the future. Christie was supportive and enthusiastic from start to finish, and her expertise and helpful suggestions definitely helped my cleanse to go smoothly. I would recommend this cleanse to anyone looking to make positive changes to their diet!"


Ella Stocker, Cambridge, MA


"I love your cleanses! I credit them with changing my relationship with food. Since the first one we did, I have mostly cooked my own delicious meals! Sticking with the cleanse for 10 days was what I needed to find resonance with nutrition consciousness️. I still love some things that are off the list, but I now have a communication with my body that I can hear. I have conversations with my body now that says, "the ice cream was delicious, but this bloated feeling is noticeable and not something I want to experience often". That level of awareness was not something that existed for me before and I appreciate having that relationship to my body. Thank you, Christie!"


David Freeman, Cambridge, MA


"I had a great experience with the cleanse. I learned a lot about making different choices, how food affects our bodies and new ways to approach food. The group conversation was so helpful and I loved how everyone jumped into recipe sharing. Definitely worth the investment of time and energy."  


Elizabeth Jackson, Boston, MA  


 "This was a totally doable cleanse. It was challenging, but Christie offered lots of support. I feel so great now, on day 10. I have more energy, better digestion, a better mental state, am less bloated and am more clear headed! I intend to continue to eat this way most of the time." 


Mary Taylor, Boston, MA


"This cleanse was just what my body needed. I definitely became a more mindful eater. I feel great to have accomplished the 10 day clean eating goal and I will most definitely be sticking with some of the recipes and habits.  If you’re looking for a quick reset this is definitely the way to go. Thank you Christie Rosen Wellness for offering it!" - 


Hanneke Antonelli, Boston, MA

Winner of Best of Boston Life Coach



"Thank you Christie! I feel amazing after committing to the cleanse - I always had eaten pretty healthily, but I knew I wasn’t feeling the best I could feel..It was great to be in a group to have all the support to get through the ten days. What I learned in this cleanse I will be applying to my life with vigor. THANK YOU! :)"


Arlee Morris, Boston, MA

"During Christie's cleanse, I felt like I hit a reset button for my mind and body. The bloating I was experiencing went away entirely, my skin cleared up, and I had more energy and motivation than I have ever had. With Christie's guidance and thorough explanations, it was easy to eliminate all the bad foods that wreak havoc on my body. I even felt more positive about my own body image, which was an unexpected benefit of the cleanse!"


Heather Antolik, Boston, MA



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