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Yoga for the Sensitive Soul
3-Month Membership

Christie Rosen Yoga & Wellness
Hi, I'm Christie! As a Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor, my mission is to empower highly sensitive people so they can live healthy, fulfilling lives and share their sensitive gifts with the world.

With my Yoga for the Sensitive Soul monthly membership, I provide accessible, heart-centered yoga classes that help you release stress, stretch and strengthen your body, and embrace who you are as a highly sensitive person. With this approach I add depth to my teaching by weaving in topics essential to the wellbeing of HSPs through each yoga class. I am known for my gentle encouragement, healing presence and for providing a supportive environment to help HSP's prioritize their wellness.


The membership includes livestream yoga classes as well an ever growing library of on-demand classes of different styles and lengths. Join today! 

Praise for Yoga For the Sensitive Soul

"Christie's classes are so wonderful on so many levels. Her kindness, care, and compassion shine through as she guides us gently through poses to restore and support our sensitive bodies and nervous systems. As we hold the poses she shares her wisdom on life as a sensitive person, always reminding us that our self care is different and so needed. She supports me in supporting my body, mind, and soul and always from a place of empowerment, reminding me to go inward for answers. I am so grateful to have found her and attend her classes! It's amazing to have a yoga teacher who understands, from her own experience, what living in a sensitive body feels like and what it needs. I highly recommend Christie!"

Nicole Justine Reid, Spiritual Guide and Teacher, Writer, Poet, Artist, and Creator

"Hi Christie! I wanted to thank you for such a beautiful class today!! 🙏💗 It was really wonderful!! I loved your energy! So calming and gentle. I enjoyed so much listening to your beautiful words while doing the poses. And like I said, you truly sing like an angel! your voice brought tears to my eyes! What a fantastic unexpected surprise! 💜 Thank you!

Yoga can seem a bit intimidating for some sensitive people and a gentle approach like yours is really needed for us to be able to experience such a healing practice. Thank you for giving sensitives souls that option! 💗"


Angela Hernandez, Miami FL

"This. Was. Amazing. I haven't felt this grounded and in tune with my body in... too long. Beautiful. Just beautiful. The energy behind Christie's singing toward the end, especially, is so soothing, calming, and replenishing. The energy of the whole group was just perfect today, too. Thank you so much! Namaste 🙏"


Tom C. Warsaw, VA

"I really loved Christie’s yoga class for highly sensitive people. It was the most soothing and grounding gentle yoga class I’ve ever taken. It was just what I needed and it reinvigorated my interest in yoga and mindfulness. 10/10"

Sheri Kaplin, Psychotherapist, East Providence, RI

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