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Empowered Sensitivity 8 Week Program


Learn how to balance your sensitive nervous system, let go of limiting beliefs, appreciate yourself for who you are and step into your power as a sensitive being!


Using methods from my book, Empowering the Sensitive Soul, as well as many new techniques, I will guide you on a week by week journey from feeling overwhelmed by your sensitivity to finding strength and confidence in your sensitive gifts. I have spent two decades gathering the best tools to help sensitive souls find their power and I want to share them with you! Through this 8-week program you will gain the knowledge and tools to create a lifetime of empowered sensitivity. I will be there to support you, every step of the way.


Space is limited, so sign up today to reserve your spot! 


Make sure to be on the lookout for a welcome email from me in the next 24 hours :) 

Empowered Sensitivity 8-Week Program - Pay in Full

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