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Embrace Rest this Summer 😌

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Sensitive Soul Mantra:

“May I allow myself all of the rest that I need."

Hello Sensitive Souls,

Happy Summer!! ☀️

Summer is often a time for fun and play (which I highly encourage!), but it can also be an opportunity to get some much needed rest. As sensitive souls, we often need more rest than those around us. Unfortunately, this need for rest can make us feel isolated and like there is something wrong with us, especially if our friends and loved ones have more energy. I am someone who needs a lot of rest and downtime and my life flows much more smoothly when I allow myself the rest I need without making it “wrong”.

The truth is that as humans we all have different levels of energy and that is okay. Needing a nap every day or to lay down in a dark room with your feet up doesn't mean something is wrong with you, it may just be how your sensitive system is wired. The more we can embrace our need for rest rather than judge ourselves for it, the more we can find strength and empowerment in our sensitivity.

The warmer days of summer can be the perfect recipe for embracing the rest we truly need. Perhaps you can find more time to rest by sitting outside in a lawn chair, laying in a pool or hammock or if you prefer being inside, laying over a bolster with a fan/AC. Find ways to rest that suit you!

Join me this summer in supporting your need for rest through my livestream and on-demand yoga for the sensitive soul classes. The gentle and restorative classes are especially restful.

With love and sensitivity,



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