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Flip Your World Upside-down: Yoga Inversions for Highly Sensitive People

3 people in a yoga class doing a standing forward bend with their hands on opposite elbows.

Inversions can sound scary, especially if you are new to yoga. However, while we may think of headstand or handstand initially, inversions are simply poses where the head is placed below the heart. This means not only headstand and handstand, but other poses where you are partially inverted, such as downward dog, standing forward bend, legs up the wall, etc. Inversions don’t have to be scary, because you don’t need to be fully inverted to get the benefit. In this blog, we explore how yoga inversions can be a powerful healing practice for HSPs, providing both physical and emotional support.

5 Benefits of Inversions for Highly Sensitive People:

1) Nurturing the Nervous System

One of the most significant benefits of inversions for HSPs lies in their ability to soothe the nervous system. Inversions activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which induces the relaxation response. As HSPs, we are more prone to stress and emotional overwhelm, so a regular inversion practice can help create more moments of calm and balance amidst the chaos of daily life.

When I was sick and struggling with chronic nervous system dysregulation, one of the only things that helped me relax was a gentle inversion (laying on my back with my legs resting on a prop at a 45-degree angle). It is a practice I still do to this day because I know how healing it is.

2) Creating a Sense of Grounding:

Inversions, paradoxically, can create a profound sense of grounding for highly sensitive people. While being upside down might seem disorienting, it can actually anchor the mind and body, allowing us to feel more connected to the present moment and our physical selves.

3) Stimulating Creativity and Intuition:

HSPs are known for our heightened creativity and intuition. Inversions, with their fresh perspective on the world, can act as a catalyst for creative thinking and deeper introspection. These poses encourage HSPs to look at situations from different angles, potentially unlocking innovative solutions and insights. My teacher would always say that the best way to “change your mind” is to practice inversions!

4) Improved Energy / Circulation:

As highly sensitive people, we tend to be more attuned to our body's sensations. This makes the benefits of improved circulation during inversions can be particularly profound. When the body is inverted, gravity assists in pushing blood from the legs and pelvis back towards the heart. This can alleviate strain on the circulatory system, promoting healthier blood flow throughout the body. Enhanced circulation means that oxygen and vital nutrients are efficiently delivered to all cells, tissues, and organs, supporting overall well-being and potentially reducing feelings of fatigue or sluggishness that can affect sensitive individuals. The revitalizing effects of improved circulation during inversions can leave HSPs feeling more energized, rejuvenated, and ready to embrace the world with a renewed sense of vitality.

5) Lymphatic System Support:

The lymphatic system is responsible for removing waste, toxins, and pathogens from the body, playing a vital role in maintaining overall health and immunity. When practicing inversions, the body's position encourages lymphatic drainage, promoting the efficient movement of lymph fluid throughout the body. For HSPs, who may be more susceptible to environmental sensitivities, this enhanced lymphatic support can be particularly beneficial in detoxifying the body and bolstering the immune response. By incorporating inversions into our yoga practice, as HSPs we can optimize the function of our lymphatic system, fostering a stronger immune system and a greater sense of well-being, enabling us to embrace life with increased resilience and vitality.

Yoga inversions can be a powerful tool for self-discovery, growth, and healing for highly sensitive people. I recommend committing to practicing at least one inversion every day. If you’d like to follow along with one of my Yoga for the Sensitive Souls Classes, for a more active challenging Inversion practice, try my new Inversion Flow, or for a gentler, short practice, try my Legs up the Wall quick stress relief class. Join for FREE with my free class pass, or 7-day free membership trial!

With love and sensitivity,



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