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12 Gifts of the Highly Sensitive Person

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Sensitive Souls have many gifts. However, the majority of our cultural messaging about sensitivity is negative, often leaving highly sensitive people to feel like our trait is something to be ashamed of and that there is something wrong with us. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, it has been shown that sensitive people who have balanced nervous systems and take good care of themselves actually thrive more than the average person.

Below are just some of the many gifts of being highly sensitive. As you read each one, take a deep breath in and appreciate the beautiful gift.

12 Gifts of the Highly Sensitive Person

1. You are extremely empathetic and can easily understand the feelings of others

2. You are kind, compassionate and caring

3. You make an incredible friend and confidant

4. You are highly intuitive

5. You have a deep connection to animals and nature

6. You are highly creative

7. You have greater sensory perception

8. You are thoughtful, insightful and wise

9. You are genuine and honest

10. You are detail oriented

11. You are a good listener

12. You are able to delight in the small joys of life more easily

While there are challenges that can come with being highly sensitive, we can learn many tools to help balance and care for our sensitive system and reframe our experiences so that we can thrive in our sensitive skin. This is what my entire program, Empowered Sensitivity is all about. We reclaim our power by choosing to see all of the gifts of sensitivity, supporting our sensitive bodies and learning to shine as the sensitive beings we are. Magic happens when we lean into our sensitivity instead of pushing it away. There is truly nothing more freeing than being your authentic self.

If you are ready to appreciate your sensitive gifts and step into your sensitivity power, join my program, Empowered Sensitivity It just may change your life.

With love and sensitivity,


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