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Why You Must Make the Choice to Love Yourself as an HSP

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Are you hoping to learn to be more accepting and loving toward yourself? This is something so many sensitive souls/HSPs can benefit from. We tend to be our own worst critics.

You may not have thought about it like this before, but loving yourself is a choice you must make every single day. You see, you will always be able to find reasons why you aren’t good enough or aren’t perfect. But being perfect has nothing to do with how much love and acceptance you deserve. If you are hard on yourself and don’t choose consciously to work on loving yourself it will never magically happen for you. You will never achieve your dream of perfection (bummer, I know ;) ). You must take it day by day and learn to be your own biggest supporter rather than your own worst critic. The choice is yours, do you want to continue beating yourself up or learn to quiet your inner critic and let your inner wisdom and self-love shine through?

5 Steps to choosing and practicing self-love:

  1. Make a commitment to learning to love and accept yourself. Refuse to hurt yourself anymore.

  2. Become aware of when you hear that inner critic in your head. Accept that you are having those thoughts. Pause.

  3. Choose not to believe what the inner critic is saying. Refuse to let that voice have power of you. Just because you think something doe not mean that it’s true.

  4. Choose to consciously appreciate something else about yourself. Praise yourself. It could even be as simple as: “I am going a great job learning to watch my inner critic!”

  5. Repeat the process whenever you notice the inner critic and don't give up. You truly can learn to love yourself and be your own biggest cheerleader. Be patient.

For a deeper dive into self-love, I recommend my free download, 7-Steps to Self-Love.

With love and light,


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