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Reduce Overwhelm with a Simple Yoga Flow for HSP’s

Simple does not always mean easy, but I find that complicated often means overwhelming. As HSP’s, we want to do all we can to manage overwhelm. Our brains are already experts at taking in information and seeing details, we do not want to add extra detail and complexity into our lives without good reason.

Aiming to bring more simplicity into your life can work wonders for the Highly Sensitive Brain. The same is true for adding simplicity into your HSP yoga practice.

If you aren’t sure what to do in your yoga practice, stick to the basics. Life is complicated enough. We don’t need to always re-invent the wheel. Besides, the basics are often the most impactful anyway.

To keep it simple, all your yoga practice needs are these three tools:

1. Breathing – conscious breathing is the most important aspect of our practice. When we overcomplicate the practice, often the attention to the breath is lost. Focus on slow steady breaths in and out through the nose throughout the practice.

2. Poses – find consistency with the poses you know. Sun salutations, warrior poses, tree pose, and supine twist are some of my favorites. You do not need to do more complicated poses for the practice to be effective.

3. Relaxation – our relaxation at the end of the class is how we integrate and feel the benefits of our practice. Even a brief yoga practice is best ended with a shavasana (final relaxation pose). Lay on your back with your legs and arms extended and feel the echo of the practice.

It’s that simple!

Looking for a simple yoga class that you can come back to often? Try my new Simplicity in Motion Flow Class. New to Yoga for the Sensitive Soul? Join for FREE with my free class pass, or 7-day free membership trial!

With love and sensitivity,


HSP Yoga Teacher, Wellness Coach & Author

P.S. Even when I was planning the simplicity yoga class, I had the urge to make it more complicated and to add more to the lesson plan. It was a great reminder of the complexity bias I wrote about last week. Remember, complex doesn’t mean better. Simple is powerful!


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