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Slow Down the Pace of Life 🐢

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Sensitive Soul Mantra:

“May I move through my day at a calm and relaxed pace.

May I trust that I have all the time I need.”

Hi Sensitive Souls,

Do you tend to rush through life?

I know that if I am not mindful, I will default to rushing. The problem is that rushing signals your nervous system that there is a threat present and your body starts to increase your stress response to prepare you for whatever stressor it thinks is coming. But when the stressor isn’t one event at all, but the chronic stress of your daily life, your nervous system gets constantly triggered which can lead to some very real issues, like nervous system dysregulation, burnout, anxiety/depression, insomnia and more. This is true for anyone, but especially those of us who are highly sensitive, as our nervous systems get more easily triggered.

Learning to slow down, release the rush and relax into life is one of the BEST things you can do for your sensitive self. Check out my on-demand yoga library and livestream classes to help do just that!

With love and Sensitivity,



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