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Taking Care of Your Highly Sensitive Body

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Self-Care is a Necessity, Not a Luxury

As sensitive souls, we tend to need more self-care and rest than others. We have to put in more effort to protect our energy and balance our nervous systems and this is okay. In fact, no matter what you have heard, there is nothing wrong with this. There are over one billion highly sensitive people out there that need this extra care, so you are absolutely not alone. The more we can normalize our need for greater self-care, the less guilt and self-judgement we will have and the better we can then take care of ourselves.

You are the Caretaker of Your Body

Every day, our sensitive system is sending us cues for what is working for us and what is not. The problem is, most of us have either tuned these cues out or we choose not to listen until they get really loud. If we can instead learn to listen to these gentle whispers of the body, and follow through with what our bodies need, we will not have to hear the body’s screams. This is so important because we are truly the caretakers of our own bodies. No one else can determine what is right for us or what we need. Only we can know. When we step more deeply into that role of loving caretaker of our bodies, we honor our bodies in a way we may never have before! This builds great strength. It is extremely empowering to set aside the ideals of others and choose to respect ourselves enough to give our bodies what they need no matter what is “normal” or what others think we “should” do.

Listen to Your Body’s Messages with Love

As we build our awareness around what our bodies are truly asking for, and we commit to following through to the best of our ability, our sensitive systems start to feel more supported and to trust that it will get its needs met. This trust creates more ease overall and then balancing our sensitive system then becomes a less daunting task. Instead of always having to recover from overdoing it, we can do just the right amount, rest and then do more. This grows our capacity and helps us find more strength. Sensitive does NOT mean week, but in order to feel the strength in our sensitivity we must honor and respect our body’s needs. When we honor our sensitive bodies, we can more easily see the power in our sensitivity and share our sensitive gifts with the world.

What You Need Matters Most

I challenge you this week to listen to the messages of your body more deeply and to do your best to follow through with what your body is asking of you. Rest when you feel fatigued, step away from a commitment if it’s draining you, eat when you feel hungry and go to bed when you feel tired. End a call early if you are getting overwhelmed, take time to breathe and pause between activities, move your body if you feel frustrated, say no to something even if it disappointments someone and trust that what you need matters most.

Will you join me this week in making sure to take good care of yourself and listen to your sensitive body with love? If so, hop on over to my Facebook group and share your commitment! If you aren’t part of the group simply request to join and I will add you shortly.

Listening to your body’s messages with love is an important topic that we focus on in my self-paced 8-lesson program, Empowered Sensitivity!

Using methods from my book, as well as many new techniques, I will guide you on a journey from feeling overwhelmed by your sensitivity to finding strength and confidence in who you are. You’ll learn how to listen to and nurture your sensitive body, embrace self-compassion, balance your nervous system and learn to see sensitivity as the true gift that it is. When you sign-up you will also get a free digital copy of my book, Empowering the Sensitive Soul.




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