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Yoga ESPECIALLY for Highly Sensitive People

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Over the years I have been to many fantastic yoga classes, and others that left a lot to be desired. The positive experiences have left me feeling relaxed, strong, and empowered. The negative ones often left me feel rushed, overworked, and uncared for. Some of my least favorite classes involved high heat and a forceful teacher. I remember one teacher at a hot studio many years ago raising his voice saying, "if you can't keep up in yoga, you can't keep up in life!" I had another teacher who wouldn't allow students to drink water or leave the room during class. Needless to say, these classes did not resonate with my highly sensitive nervous system, and I never went back to those teachers or studios again.

As highly sensitive people, we benefit from an encouraging, compassionate tone and freedom to move (or not move) in a way that feels right to our bodies. Yoga is such a powerful healing practice, and it is unfortunate to think that some people may miss out on its benefits due to a bad first experience that creates the impression that yoga is not well suited for them.

After over a decade as a general yoga teacher and a wellness coach for highly sensitive people, in 2022 I decided to officially combine my two passions and teach yoga specifically for highly sensitive people. In a way, my yoga style has always been geared toward HSP’s, but now I had made it official. I am incredibly passionate about the practice of yoga as well as empowering highly sensitive people, so putting them together felt like the perfect fit, and the online format has allowed me to do this seamlessly.

My goal with Yoga for the Sensitive Soul is to provide accessible, heart centered classes, that help you release stress, stretch and strengthen your body, and embrace who you are as a highly sensitive person. With this approach I add depth to my yoga classes by weaving in topics relevant to HSPs, such as releasing perfectionism, self-compassion and stress reduction while providing a supportive environment to help HSP's prioritize their wellness.

I am so excited to officially launch my Yoga for the Sensitive Soul Monthly Membership this Tuesday 10/11.

The Yoga for the Sensitive Soul Monthly Online Subscription includes:

  • A Free 7-Day Trial period

  • Access to all livestream classes

  • Access to full on-demand video library of 50+ classes of different styles and lengths. Your access is unlimited and each month the library grows!

  • All for just $24 a month

Please join me for a free class on ­Tuesday 10/11 at 6pm EDT to celebrate the launch!

With Love and Sensitivity,



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