The Best Exercise For Your Health (It's not what you think!)

As a health coach, I have become curious about the amount of people forcing themselves to undergo strenuous exercise in the name of weight loss or good health. I have a secret for you that might blow your mind a little. For the majority of people, strenuous exercise, if done out of force or in a state of stress, is not actually good for your health or a good way to burn calories and increase yourthermic efficiency (metabolism). If we hate every minute of our work out, our body is going into a physiologic stress response. Under stress digestive capacity is diminished, metabolism slows down and digestion can even shut down in extreme cases! We don't assimilate nutrients well, and we don't feel well.

Stress chemistry causes the body to store weight, store fat and not build muscle. Going on a stressfree, happy walk or a skip in the woods can actually burn more calories (in a positive way) for your body than overwhelming strenuous exercise.

So what is the "best exercise" for your health? Ask yourself, if all movement was created equal and burned the same amount of calories, what movement would I do? The answer to this question is the key to the bestexercise/movement practice for you. The best exercise for you is the one or ones that you love the most and will do with some sense of relaxation, joy and regularity.