5 Things We Should Say to Ourselves More Often

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As sensitive souls, we have a tendency to be our own worst critics. We are generally amazing friends, counselors and advisors to others, but we often do not extend our support and loving care to ourselves. Being aware of the voice that is speaking to us day in and day out and making a sincere attempt to be more kind and loving can make an extraordinary difference. It is one thing in life that we can learn to control, and it can color the entirety of our lives in a more loving, positive light.

If you are used to being hard on yourself, it can feel impossible to shift that voice at first. However, with practice, patience and dedication, you can learn to be your own biggest cheerleader and it is one of the most empowering changes you can make as a sensitive soul. 5 Things We Should Say to Ourselves More Often *(I resonate with speaking to myself in the third person (ex. you can do this), but you can also change these into first person statements if you prefer, (ex. I can do this.)

1) You can do this– How often do you psych yourself out of something by focusing on what could go wrong and or what you are afraid of rather than trusting and believing in yourself? By simply telling yourself that you can do something, you dramatically increase your possibility of being able to do it. And the more you chose to believe in you