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5 Things We Should Say to Ourselves More Often as HSPs

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

As sensitive souls, we have a tendency to be our own worst critics. We are generally amazing friends, counselors and advisors to others, but we often do not extend our support and loving care to ourselves. Being aware of the voice that is speaking to us day in and day out and making a sincere attempt to be more kind and loving can make an extraordinary difference. It is one thing in life that we can learn to control, and it can color the entirety of our lives in a more loving, positive light.

If you are used to being hard on yourself, it can feel impossible to shift that voice at first. However, with practice, patience and dedication, you can learn to be your own biggest cheerleader and it is one of the most empowering changes you can make as a sensitive soul. 5 Things We Should Say to Ourselves More Often *(I resonate with speaking to myself in the third person (ex. you can do this), but you can also change these into first person statements if you prefer, (ex. I can do this.)

1) You can do this– How often do you psych yourself out of something by focusing on what could go wrong and or what you are afraid of rather than trusting and believing in yourself? By simply telling yourself that you can do something, you dramatically increase your possibility of being able to do it. And the more you chose to believe in yourself, the easier it becomes. Just by encouraging yourself, you can shift nervous energy into excitement.

2) You deserve to rest – Our culture is so achievement and action oriented that most of us have subconsciously decided that resting is unacceptable and needing rest is a weakness. This isn’t a healthy mindset for anyone, especially sensitive souls. Resting is simply a natural part of life and must be embraced. You cannot have the strength, energy and focus you need to help others when you are burning the candle at both ends. Next time you think you should just push through something, remind yourself that, just like all other living beings, you deserve to rest too!

3) How human of you – Do you constantly give yourself a hard time for not being perfect? What if you just expected that even while doing your best, sometimes you will make mistakes and that is okay. Mistakes are just part of being human! Try this next time you start criticizing yourself for a mistake and notice what happens.

4) Look how far you’ve come - Do you have tendency to focus too much on the future and always find the flaws in the present? What if next time you are focusing on where you want to be, you took a step back and appreciated how far you’ve come, the challenges you have overcome and what you’ve done to get to where you are today? What if you remember when you deeply wished for something you have now? Appreciating how far you’ve come will help you create more ease where you are, while still being able to work toward where you want to be. It can be easy to take accomplishments for granted, letting the pursuit of what is to come cast a shadow on your present achievement. We need to train our subconscious to recognize the growth in the present moment.

5) I am here for you – It’s easy to feel alone and unsupported when you are not freely giving yourself the support you need. What if next time you are suffering you simply placed a hand on your heart and said, “I am here for you.”? And better yet, what if you said, “I am here for you and I love you!”? It is an autoimmune condition to be hard on yourself all the time, try loving yourself and see what happens!

If you have had enough of self-criticism and are ready to build your self-compassion, balance your nervous system and step into your power as a sensitive soul, sign up for my Empowered Sensitivity program today! Learn more. Follow me on Instagram.

Love & Light,



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