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6 Life Changing Benefits of Simplicity for Highly Sensitive People

There are a lot of things in life that create overwhelm in our highly sensitive nervous systems. From too much noise, to crowds, to clutter, to long to-do lists, our complicated modern world is often not a peaceful place for us to be. Even just our tendency to overthink can create overwhelm, so we want to do all that we can to simplify our lives to find greater ease.

Whether it’s at work, family life, daily household tasks or your exercise or meal planning, simplifying your life may be the key missing to thriving as a highly sensitive person.

6 Life Changing Benefits of Simplicity for Highly Sensitive People

1. Clarity – When you simplify, you get clear on what truly matters and can more easily release the rest. Letting go of what isn’t important will feel like a weight off your HSP shoulders. I recommended you make a list of each area of your life and actively brainstorm ways to simply.

2. Reduced Decision fatigue – Simplicity requires fewer choices, which can feel like a huge relief to the often indecisive highly sensitive brain. You make a choice upfront on what truly matters and consistently go back to that without feeling like you “should” be doing something else.

3. Reduced Anxiety – We are more likely to experience anxiety when we have a lack of focus. When you simplify, you know where to put your energy and your overall wellbeing improves.

4. Ease – Complexity often creates stress and overwhelm for highly sensitive people. This can make us irritable, frustrated, and unhappy. As you focus on what matters, you will find your life flows with greater ease, and you feel more aligned with your true self.

5. Confidence – When you are clear on what matters, you are more likely to reach your goals, and this creates confidence. You realize that the key to thriving is not to try to overcome your sensitivity, but to create a more simplified life that supports who you are as an HSP.

6. More Time for Joy – When you simplify your life, you find more time for joy, fun, and activities that light you up. Who doesn’t want more of that?

Take some time today to brainstorm how you can bring more ease and simplicity into your life. And as a reminder to focus on simplicity throughout the day, I recommend the affirmation:

“May I find ease in simplicity.”

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With love & sensitivity,



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