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Should You Take the Path of Least Resistance as an HSP?

There is a lot of messaging in our culture about how taking the path of least resistance will lead to failure and lack of accomplishment in life. While you certainly can't always take the path of least resistance, I believe this messaging is misleading, especially for HSPs. The path of least resistance is one that can allow you to flow with the current life rather than trying force against it. Often, this can help you find ease and simplicity in an often overwhelming and complicated world.

There are many times when the path of least resistance is the absolute best path, and of course many times it is best to take other options. But if we give up on the simple path too soon, we may be making life unnecessarily challenging and complicated for no good reason, leaving us with fewer resources to live a meaningful, healthy life.

Animals in the wild know that it would be unwise to spend their energy and resources when they don’t need to, but toxic productivity culture has gotten us so far away from nature that we often forget that we are human animals too. We are not meant to be pushing and forcing ourselves to accomplish day in and day out for the sake of feeling like we did “enough.” We are enough because we exist, and no amount of “doing” (or not doing) will ever change that.

As highly sensitive humans, we want to honor our sensitive bodies by using our energy well and not spending our energy on things that are not beneficial. As we simplify, we learn that often it is best (and easiest) to take the path of least resistance, to flow with the current of life, rather than against it. We could use our energy swimming against the tide, but for what purpose? Life is challenging and complicated enough, especially for HSPs. Let’s simplify and make life easier by taking the path of least resistance when it makes sense to do so.

To incorporate this more into your daily life, throughout your day, ask yourself questions like: What is the path of least resistance here? How can I simplify? How can I make this easier for myself? This is NOT lazy. This is necessary for us to thrive as HSP’s.

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With love & sensitivity,



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