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Why is letting go so hard for Highly Sensitive People?

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Ah, the elusive letting go…

I was told by an acupuncturist many years ago that I needed to learn to let go. I then proceeded to read an entire book about letting go but still couldn't figure out what it meant or how to do it. Perhaps reading about it wasn't the way. Sometimes the best and only way to learn something is through direct experience.

I am getting a lot of practice letting go lately through dealing with Hurricane Ian, having to move out of our home and being in limbo as to where we will go next. I notice that the more I can go with the flow, and ride the roller coaster of life, the better I feel. But it's not easy.

For me, letting go means accepting how I feel and not trying to force myself to feel differently (that never works). It means letting go of resistance to the way I think things “should” be and allowing things to be as they are. It means noticing when I am trying to control things that cannot be controlled and taking a step back to breathe.

This month's livestream classes will focus on letting go and going with the flow. I hope you'll join me!

Gentle - Sunday 11/6 at 10am EST - Breathe and Let Go

Slow Flow - Friday 11/11 at 11am EST - Go with the Flow

Restorative - 11/22 at 4pm EST - Allow What Is

All livestream classes are included in the monthly membership, or you can choose to drop-in for $15. You can also join for free with my 7-day membership trial! Livestream classes are also recorded and uploaded to my on-demand library so you'll never miss a class!

With love and sensitivity,



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